The settlement of Dalasısla


It was generally men who claimed land, but some female settles are known from the Sagas and other sources. Undoubtedly the greatest of them was Auğ the Deepminded, who arrived from Norway afther many years in Ireland, Scotland and the Faroe Islands, claimed what is now Dalasısla and later shared out the land there among her family and friends and even here freed slaves, many places in Dalasısla still be bear the name given to them by the first settlers: Geirmundur Hell-skin lived at Skarğ, Steinólfur the short in Fagridalur, and Ólaf Belly and Gils Ship-nose at Saurbær.






















Auğur the Deep-minded
Most of the Dales was claimed by Auğ the Deep- minded. Firm but compassionate, she was the matriarch of a leading family in the Saga Age, whose fates are traced in the Sagas of the People of Laxárdal. One of her descendants was Thorfinnur Karlsefni, who explored America for three years and tried to establish a Viking settlement there.




















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