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Tucked away inland from Hvammsfj÷rdur at the head og Breidarfj÷rdur Bay in West Iceland is Dalabyggd, close enough to the main roads north and west from RekjavÝk to be accessible with a very short detour, yet far enougt to ramain in vitually the same natural state as when Eirik the Red and his son Leif Lucky lived there at the end of the century


Visitor to Dalabyggd will find history, folklore and magnificent, timeless scenery in the distric┤s gentle plains and valleys and along the shore with its viev out to the "countless islands" of Breidarfj÷rdur.


Travellers can vombine visit to historical and cultural surroundings, such as hiking and walking, angling, sailing, bird watching and swimming in geothermal pools. Dalabyggd is convenient and comfortable for day trips from Reykjavik or stopovers during tours of the wesr, but its also popular for stay of a few days, to explore the distric┤s delights to the full. A variety of accommodation is available in Dalabyggd and travelle sevice are on offer in Budardalur the small town which forms the district┤s administrative and service centre


Laugar Ý SŠlingsdal

Laugar had a geothermal "hot pot" in olden tilmes, where local people and travellers would bathe.
Hotel in Laugar, rooms with bath, sleeping-bag accommodation, campside, swimmingpool.
Regional Folk Museum.


Gu­r˙n Ësvifsdottir, heroine of the Saga of the People of Laxßrdal, was brougt up there.


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Aud the Deep-minded was one of the first Cristians in Iceland and had a cross erected at Krosshˇlar where went to pray.


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Budardalur is a strong farming community in the Dalir county.  It is located on the north shore of the Breidafjordur Bay with its splendid array of islands. 


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Fine trails for walking and hiking can be found all over Dalabygg­. A viewing dial has been set up on Mt. Klofningsfjall (384m) with its panoramic view across the islands of Brei­arfj÷r­ur Bay to the adjoining shore of SnŠfellsnes ans Bar­astr÷nd.





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Elves, ghosts and sorcerers

Dalabygg­ is enchant-ing and magical in a literal sense too, with its countless stories of elves, gosts and sorceres. The "Elf Colony" in the rock at Tungustapi in SŠlingsdalur is the settings for one of Iceland┤s most-loved folktales.








Rich wildlife on the shores

Dalabygg­ boasts exceptionally diverse bird live. the islands of Brei­arj÷rdur are the main breeding ground for comrmorant and shag in Iceland and also have large puffin colonise, while the white-tailed eagle nest in the area too. Seals abound in the shores and farmers even harvest edible seaweed there in times of old. Sight of the sun settings on thees magical shorescapes is a complettly unforgeeable experience.


























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